Reboot: New Project

As posted earlier, the “boot2podman” project is deprecated:

The original “boot2docker” project has also been deprecated:

But my work will continue, at the new:

It will also include a machine… With support for both runtimes.

Floe boot sequence video

Here is the basic boot sequence of the new Core system (6s):

After the boot is complete, individual TCE packages can be loaded:

And the container runtimes can be started, just like it was previously…

Fresh Start

This means that development can continue, without being tied to
one specific company (like Docker Inc, or Red Hat) and one runtime.

Instead the same basic system can be used for multiple projects.
It also keeps the Tiny Core a lot smaller, currently it is 16 - 24 MB.

The packages are mounted (squashfs) from disk, as originally intended.
Instead of being copied to the RAM file system, like it was previously.

You can also run the Core system itself as a container, e.g. for builds.
There is no support for doing mounts, but one can use volumes instead.

New Features

More Info

For more information, see: